Are you ready to flex your brain?

Are you ready to flex your brain?

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The ELearning Heroes (ELH) challenge this week is all about brain games.

I remember hanging out in the living room with my older brother solving the puzzles within the latest Games magazine.  That was my all time favorite magazine as a young girl.  Our favorite puzzles to solve together were the Cryptograms.  For this challenge, I decided to create a quiz style course using The Stroop Test as my inspiration.

Click here or on the image to get started:


This puzzle was a brain-teaser in itself to create for me.  I wanted to create a simple course with simple variables.  My objective was just to practice setting up variables that would continue throughout the rest of the slides using conditional triggers.

Once I designed the main framework for the course, I started to flush out the triggers and variables for each slide.  Here are the steps that I took to create the triggers and variables.  I created five separate number variables, 1 per question.  Then, I adjusted each variable with an assignment value of 1 or 2 (1 = correct selection, 2 = wrong selection).  Lastly, I added the conditional triggers to tell the variable exactly what to do and when.  In this case, when the timeline starts on a specific slide, the trigger is set to show a checkmark or “x” in its normal state, based on how a learner responded to the previous question on the previous slide.  Here is a link to learn more about variables.

I wanted the variables in the Your Results window to change based on how a learner responds to a previous question.



What I learned by creating this course:

  1. Variables are easier to create than you think
  2. There are many ways to create variables and triggers.  In this course, I could have set up the variables with True and False.  However, I wanted to practice with the numbers variable and get familiar with how they work.
  3. Test, Test, Test…Test your course many times to ensure that the learner will experience the course as you intended.  For each test, you should click on different buttons to make sure Your Results are displayed correctly.  Then, test a few more times just to make sure.
  4. Most importantly, don’t be intimidated by variables, variables are your friend.

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