It’s that time of year again…Cold vs Flu

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The Subject:

Since I am in the throws of a New Year’s cold, the subject was easy.  The challenge in ELearnng Heroes is to create a course using gate screens.  Gate screens are those pesky windows that show up when you are ready to continue reading a story, and the website stops and remiinds you to sign-up for their blog.  Within an eLearning course, gate screens could be used a million different ways, as a pre-assessment, a list of items a learner will need to complete an assessment, or an error message if a learner selects an incorrect option.

Design Notes:

Since this is a gates screen challenge, I wanted to tease the learner.  This module seeems to be about some potential remedies for a cold or flu.  However, after you click on the “Start” button, you will sent to an interactive screen where you will identify your symptoms first.  If this were a complete course, the next section would send you to a “remedies” screen to help you feel better quick.  I also wanted to make this module look soft and cozy, which is just what you want to feel when you have a cold or the flu.

Make it Interactive:

For the interactive component, you can click on the symptoms that you are experiencing and each one will appear in their applicable area.  You can also “click to reveal all” if you don’t want to mess around with all of the clickity-clacks while your sick.

Thanks for visiting and feel better soon,

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