Creative Tabs Interaction

Creative Tabs Interaction

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My goal for this course example was to use the Storyline 2 slider as a tabs interaction.  I selected leadership as the main topic because I thought I could have fun with the vibrant graphics that I had in mind for this course.  Once I figured out how to manipulate the slider using states, triggers, and variables, it was all about the graphics and the font.

Here is what I used to complete this project:

  • Storyline 2
  • 123RF for graphics
  • Photoshop to create the LEADERSHIP graphic on the title slide
  • DaFont website for the font American Captain

For the front screen that you see below, I wanted to play with the word LEADERSHIP as the graphic.  I also had seen in various media where supporting words create the background for the main word.

You can click on the image to see the course in action:


I selected bright colorful action graphics that featured hands as a main theme.  I felt the theme of hands complimented what leaders do each and every day.  Great leaders offer enouraging and helpful hands to individuals and teams to reach successful outcomes and build extraordinary teams.


I really enjoyed playing with the slider and explore creative ways to present a course using the slider offered in Storyline 2.  I think using it for tabs interactions is an interesting way to present the various sections of a course.

What I learned from this project:

  1. Sliders can be customized in any way, shape, or form to reach a desired results
  2. Sliders are easy to manipulate with states, triggers, and variables
  3. The format > change picture option in Storyline 2 comes in handy, especially after you have everything set-up exactly the way you want it.

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