Office Theme, which one do you like?


Pink or Blue…which one for you?  Click here to view these two templates

The Subject:

Since the challenge was to create an office theme template, I did not have a specific subject in mind.  When I started creating the pink theme, it started to become some type of module about teams, so I just went with it.  Once I realized how pink this course was, I felt the need to create a more “serious” or less pink template.  The subject for the blue course became a template for a new-hire orientation course.  For each theme, there are three sample slides for you to check out.

Design Notes:

A pink theme is not a typical color palette that you would see in an eLearning course for a corporate environment.  However, I liked the photo so much, that I just stuck with it.  I really like how this template turned out.  Plus, there is a ton of white space so content, images, and video can be added.

To counteract all of the pink going on, I decided to create a blue course (with a more serious theme).  I liked how this one turned out as well…even if some of the design elements were happy accidents.

Thanks for checking out this template.

Dana / eLearning by Dana

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