Please remake this medical course, stat, part 1 (ELH6)

The challenge was to remake a medical course template…it looked like something from the early 90’s including:

  • Posed characters
  • Lots and lots of words on each screen
  • The cool reflection effect on the image…c’mon we all did it.

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The Subject:

The subject was about a process that is used within the medical field.  Within the original course, the first three learning objectives listed were:

  • Understanding your role within the GPO process
  • Creating a GPO Agreement request
  • How to quickly identify critical data within the GPO Agreement

Howver, in reviewing the original course, the content reviews the basics of a GPO, what it is, why it exists, and a few “how to” steps.  It seems from the very beginning the learning objectives do not line up with the actual content.  Perhaps the content could be presented differently so that each morsel of content is aligned and in sync with one of the learning objectives.

Design Notes:

After looking at some medical websites, I came up with this design.  I noticed that many medical websites have clean images of doctors and patients.  They also like to keep their images squared like I did here instead of adding the image as a background.  There may be other reasons why the image is in a clean shape such as, more room for website content and tags.  However, I thought I would try this same style on an eLearning course template.  I think it looks clean and the white space gives my eyes a chance to focus on all of the elements on the screen.

I also thought the clean white look fit in with the medical field.

There were some specific branding guidelines to be followed, such as specfic RGB colors (a total of 5) and they could be set at a 35% or higher transparancy.

I created a second (and completely different) template in the next post that you can check out here.

Make it interactive:

In this sample course, I designed a few simple interactions:

-Interaction 1

I added buttons to the learning objectives.  The learner can watch ach animated learning objective in an automaic slider format or they can click each button on the bottom to view each learning objective at their own pace.  My thought behind that is that each person reads at a different pace, so the learner has control over the speed at which a learning objective would appear.

For three short objectives, this may not have much of an impact.  But, for those courses with more and longer learning objectives, this may be a great solution.

-Interaction 2

This is a way for a learner to click on the role that they perform within a process then reveal their responsibilities within that role.  They can also click on the other roles to see others responsibilites within a process.  What if there are more than 3 roles within this process that need to be covered?  The other image (below) shows 8 employee roles within this process.  There are so many options…are you excited?

Example 1: Three roles within the process


Example 2: Eight different roles within the process

-Interaction 3

This format could be the “quick reference” guide for employees who only need a quick refresher of the main steps.  Then, for the employees who need a bit more instruction, they could click on the “tutorial option” to watch a video or engage in a learning interaction to help them through the process.  Of course, this could be flipped the other way where the tutorial is presented then a button can be added for a “quick reference guide.”

Thanks for checking out this course.

Dana / eLearning by Dana


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