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The Subject

For this challenge, I wanted to create a course that could help someone who is starting a new job.  There is so much to learn within the first few weeks of a new job.  It can be overwhelming.  This course could serve as a guide to help you get started in the right direction.  I decided to select the three most common topics that any employee should spend time researching as a new employee.

Design Notes

The second part of this challenge was to create a course featuring tabs.  The questions I started with:

  1. How can I make this content more interactive?
  2. How can I play with the lightbox feature in Storyline 360?
  3. How can the interactive content become meaningful learning to the learner?

The answer was clear, an interactive journal.

The learner can review the content on each page or they can jump right to their interactive journal.  The journal will lead them on a scavenger hunt style set of questions to guide them in finding out more about different areas of the company, team, and tools.  The learner is in full control of their learning experience.

Make it Interactive

There are tabs within the lightbox-inspired interactive journal.  This journal asks specific questions which should help you get to know your new company better.  It may also speed up your learning curve.  The screenshot below is on the Products and Services tab of the interactive journal.

Good luck at your new job!

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