What about instructional design as a career path? Do you want to know more?

What about instructional design as a career path? Do you want to know more?

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I feel the winds shifting.  Can you feel it?  This is an amazing time for instructional designers.  With the help of multimedia tools, social networks, and the multitude of resources available, now is a great time to explore this exciting and rewarding career path.

I am very passionate about the role of ID and the part that it plays within an organization.  The goal of this article is to share with you my thoughts about instructional design.  After reading this article, you will hopefully gain some insight of what it is, what careers are available and suggested next steps to get you started.

What is instructional design?

Very simply, instructional design helps people learn content and processes through design, theory, and practice.  I realize that this is a very simplistic definition of a more complicated process.  However, if you want to help people learn and you like to help people learn then instructional design might be an optional career path for you.

A more complex definition might be that ID is a blended discipline of art and science to help people learn, improve, and enhance skills with the use of instructional design theories, tools, and processes.  What are your thoughts about ID?  How would you define ID?  If you are truly interested in this topic and would like to learn more, there are tons of resources about instructional design online.  What is your favorite go-to online resource?  Mine is Articulate ELearning Heroes.  It offers a wide variety of tips and tools on the topics of ELearning and Instructional Design.

What careers are available within Instructional design?

There are many different directions that you can go within this profession.  Whether you are interested in working in an educational setting, corporate environment, or not-for-profit type of atmosphere, there are many opportunities for instructional designers.   As an instructional designer, you will be instrumental in planning learning events and training programs that benefit all participants.  It just depends on who you would like to help.  Do you want to help develop content for children K-12?  Do you want to help employees within a company or professional organization?  Do you want to help build learning opportunities for volunteers within a not-for-profit organization?  Once you answer the question of which learner you are interested in helping, then my suggestion is to explore job postings to get a general sense and understanding of the role within a real-world environment.  Since you may be new to the world of ID, you may not understand all of the responsibilities listed within a job description, but I think it will provide you with some insight into this career option.

What are suggested next steps

Do your research.  Explore the topic of instructional design using the multitude of resources available.  Everything from YouTube videos, Blogs, Online ELearning communities, and other online social threads are filled with topics on instructional design.  Have fun exploring this topic.  Feel free to share a resource in the comments that you enjoyed reviewing and that you think might help others.

Thanks for reading,

Dana (ELearning by Dana)



July 13, 2017 at 4:23 am

I firmly towards a scientific approach towards learning and ID the right way… but there are a few flaws although the ID personal know the prcoess he / she need to be an SME as well, it order to ensure the data is documented properly .

If other it become just like another text book exercise.

The ID personal once an SME as well, would help develop and design specific activities based of current serious to ensure there’s no repetition of mistakes., enhance performance and increase ROI, which all operation personal want.


    Dana Dutiel

    July 14, 2017 at 4:29 am

    Hi Raheel,
    Thank you for posting a comment on my site. You are the first one and it is much appreciated. I agree that ID has a firm foundation in science. I also agree that if a course is not developed properly to fit the purpose and goal of the course, then it will become just another “click next” or “page turner” type of course. It may even have the unintended outcome of teaching a learner nothing of value.


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